Precious jewelry takes on color. It is well known that color brings life, energy and a wonderful sense of joy.

An abundance of all different and vibrant colors immediately creates a very positive emotion.

Who doesn't stop staring in wonder at a multicolored rainbow or fireworks?

DiaMee has always been at the forefront of precious color, it has been in the brand's DNA since its inception in 2008.

10 years later, Ingrid Fetell Lee's excellent lecture broadcast by TED in June 2018 - Where joy hides and how to find it - has confirmed our desire to offer even more very precious or precious colors. We have selected the most beautiful colored diamonds, as well as sapphires, tsavorites, rubies, amethysts or topazes. In a very wide price offer but always with the same seriousness as regards the quality of manufacture, 100% made in France and in gold 750/1000 (18 carats).

DiaMee offers precious wedding rings that can be worn like rings and can be accumulated by 2, by 3 or even by 10!

From your second purchase, DiaMee offers you a luxurious box of 5 rings and of course from the sixth, a box of 10 rings.


On www.diamee.com, you will only find rings ... but very many rings with multiple combinations of stones and colors possible ... Rings that you would not be able to find or have made in a traditional shop.

Rings that we make to order each time, for you, without any intermediary and each time focusing on the highest level of quality.

You will soon be able to find other DiaMee collections, made up of bracelets, pendants and earrings, but only at selected distributors who have adhered to the values ​​of the brand and who have understood that each physical or digital distribution channel, had its own added value.

DiaMee has always been at the forefront of precious color, it has been in the brand's DNA since its inception in 2008.


DiaMee is a brand in step with the times: 100% online and without any intermediary. Distributed directly from us to you. Without reseller or wholesaler. Without excessive margins and without false discounts.

It's just between you and us. A relationship of trust. Which allows us to offer you the finest quality… at the right price!

Since its inception, the design has been carried out at DiaMee by a renowned designer in collaboration with the founder of the brand. Together, they reinterpret jewelry archetypes with an ultra-contemporary, pure and timeless design inspired by the famous "Less is more" by Mies Van der Rohe. For a rock, chic and sassy clientele who advocate a different, mixed, cheerful and accessible luxury.

The manufacture is carried out entirely in our French workshop. This is the guarantee of perfect manufacturing quality. And after-sales service is also managed in France, which is a guarantee of safety.

If the stones are stored in order to be able to respond quickly to demand, each piece is made to order. This is in order to be able to offer you an almost endless choice of combinations of gold colors, stones and widths ... a unique piece that you will have chosen.

Can't find what you are looking for? Do you have an idea that you want to realize?
Send us a little email and we will be happy to answer you and who knows ... to make it happen!