Wedding rings in the colors of the Rainbow Flag

A unique novelty at diaMee: the multicolored alliances set with sapphires in the 6 colors of the famous Rainbow Flag of the LGBT community.

This model is available in 2/3 Tour, in Serti 4 Grains-Rails and available on black or white gold.

Discover this alliance.


For the record...

The original flag had 8 colour bands and was designed and designed by young American graphic designer and activist Gilbert Baker for the first San Fancisco Parade in 1978.

The first flag had eight stripes. Gilbert Baker then gives each of the colours a meaning:

  • Rose: Sexuality
  • Red: Life and Healing
  • Orange: Health and Pride
  • Yellow: sunlight
  • Green: Nature
  • Turquoise: Magic and Art
  • Indigo Blue: Serenity and Harmony
  • Violet: The Spirit

It is later that two colors will be removed for the purpose of simplification: first of all the pink because it was not available industrially during the march organized to protest the assassination of Harvey Milk, the first openly gay elected san Francisco.

Subsequently, Gilbert Baker decided to remove turquoise to divide the colors into equal numbers and arrange them on either side of the street. It also replaces indigo with blue-king.

The flag then has six stripes (red, orange, yellow, green, blue-king, purple) and becomes final:

  • Red: for life
  • Orange: for health
  • Yellow: for the sun
  • Green: for nature
  • Blue King: for art
  • Violet: for the spirit

These are the 6 colors you find in sapphires, gems used for DiaMee's Rainbow Flag ring.

These colors of sapphires all exist naturally and are extracted from mines. However, the sapphires we use are heated to achieve perfect and homogeneous colours.

We have chosen to supply us with a French wholesaler known for its seriousness by the whole profession and this in order to guarantee you the exact quality of the stones used.

Their number is always the same regardless of the size of the finger; 3 stones per color or 18 stones. The contemporary 4 Grains Rails frame perfectly protects the stones and the 2/3-lap set allows for a perfect fit for each finger size.

It is also possible to ask during your order for an engraving that will be made inside the rings (example: first name and/or date).